Episode 3






In our 2nd Clubhouse Bach episode (spoiler alert: Rahul found love!), Nick Viall, a famous Bachelor star, joined us and we realized we should probably stop breaking copyright laws.

So if you're ABC reading this, we definitely didn't make any money off it and we still don't really know how to use Clubhouse. If you're anyone else reading this, we've rebranded to the National Dating League! Welcome back to the most dramatic show on Clubhouse yet.

In this round, the most eligible people from all across America will compete for a Clubhouse Engagement with our hot, smart and open-minded Bachelorette.

2 night event - Sunday May 16 and Monday May 17 | 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST

About the Bachelorette

Yvonne is a hot 29 year old (let's be honest we all have eyes). She has a "son", i.e. the cutest golden retriever ever, named Dallas. She loves musical theatre and in her professional life she teaches the youth how to be their best selves in the theatre.


Yvonne can quote ceaselessly from She’s the Man, amongst other movies, and loves to go out and dance. She is known for many a good costume and owns an extensive blazer collection. 

Yvonne is passionate, open and honest and wishes the same from her partner. She is open-minded towards all people and she wants to find someone who will be her best friend and support her through it all.


Yvonne wants someone who doesn’t take life too seriously but can also check her on her bullshit. Ultimately, Yvonne is excited about the NDL because she wants to find a genuine connection, and have laughs along the way. 🖤


When is this?

Sunday May 16 and Monday May 17 at 6 PM PST

Where is the link to the event?

Sunday (Part I): https://www.joinclubhouse.com/join/national-dating-league/DYBTyKkQ/my6DrRJD

Monday (Part II): https://www.joinclubhouse.com/join/national-dating-league/DR9DWSIA/xqY0KBrp

Can I be the bachelor/bachelorette?

Maybe! If this goes well we'll probably choose the next bach from our contestants so you should participate in this one. If it goes poorly we'll pretend it never happened so you won't mind not being included.

How do I prepare to be a contestant?

The agenda is going to be a surprise but expect group dates and one-on-ones. There will be ways to impress the bachelorette throughout the night so practice poem writing, song humming and menu reciting. There are no rules so if you can find her social medias feel free to send her notes/money/anything not creepy as well. 

Where does the bachelorette live/does geography matter?

Love conquers all so geography doesn't matter.

Does this end in a proposal? 

I mean we really hope so, but proposing a zoom date is also an o-k ending.

Who are the contestants?

We will share bios before the show.​

How do I get a clubhouse invite?

DM me with your phone number and we'll get you one

Panel of Judges

Our panel of judges will help the Bachelorette choose the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. This is a crucial role. Each judge is equipped with a "black rose". If they change their photo to this black rose, the show immediately stops and the judge gets to kick a contestant off the stage. Bribing, wooing and/or blackmailing the judges is completely fair game. The Bachelorette's future is in their hands.

Anu (aka the self styled Dilettante of Clubhouse) is a doctor and reality TV connoisseur. She has pledged her honor to helping our Bachelor find love.

Chika is the founder of the Divine Feminine Awakening Clubhouse, the second largest women's club on CH (but the first in our hearts!). There is no one better to help our first pansexual bach find love.

Andrew is famous for his NYTimes Modern Love column and for doing the music on Clubhouse Bachelorette. He's back and ready to judge because Andrew loves love.

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